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Sep 4, 2010 6:00am EDT
state near lake eerie and lake ontario. that is some remnant stuff with a cool front that has now passed to our east. the hurricane is out of the way, the cool front is out of the way, and what's coming in is stunning weather for us for the next few days. i'll have details coming up in just a few minutes. >> well, the storm has come and gone, and the forecompazz didn't come too close -- forecast didn't come too close to the md -- to the maryland shoreline. >> it looks like ocean city is saying good-bye to earl. >> earl just brushes against the area. >> i think we made out very well. i don't know of any damage in the town whatsoever. the surf is rough. we'll probably going to face some erosion. maybe clean-up of sand on the parking lot. >> the main hot spot during the storm was the inland area as tourists came from all over to take a picture of earl and the 8 to 12-foot surf. >> what are you seeing out here? >> it is pretty exciting. >> some were impressed, others not so much. >> it's ok. i'm glad there wasn't any damage or anything. that's the best thing. it will probably hurt the busine
Sep 10, 2010 5:30pm EDT
coming off of lake e and lake ontario. this storm system is going to develop over the next 24 hours kind of sit there and swirl and then begin to make its move as we go into saturday night sunday morning we're hoping it will bring us steady on and off showers as we go into the sunday morning time period. saturday dry, few clouds late in the evening. check it out, sunday morning there's a round of precipitation heaviest may stay north of us but we hope we at least get good rains 4:00 on sunday before it all clears out. another chance for rain would be from the tropics. tropical storm igor looking like it will be a hurricane by sunday. can see this is getting to be a more well developed storm and lag a little more powerful. expected to head due west toward puerto rico. overnight 52. tomorrow a nice day at 78. sunny skies but then the clouds roll in tomorrow night and the chance for rain will come in as we go into the day on sunday. and really probably hanging around throughout the bulk of the day. drier and warmer next week christian. >> you've all heard of about which list cars most stol
Sep 10, 2010 6:00pm EDT
pressure the cooler winds picking up moisture off lake erie lake ontario. this is the area we're watching into the weekend. storm system just now beginning to develop out into the lower midwest and also a piece of this will be down in texas. those are those areas kind of come together head our way as we go into the weekend. our forecast model keeps us nice and dry saturday a mixture of clouds and sunshine check it out into sunday. 8:00 in the morning chance for rain, maybe the heaviest north of us. but it looks like most of the state will get at least some shower action and any rain will be welcome through the day on sunday. the earlier it comes in probably the better. take a look at the tropics. tropical storm igor actually strength evening after weakening yesterday looking more and more like a hurricane. by sunday night into monday we expect it to be here moving tort puerto rico and i hurricane igor bearing a lot of watching start can members week. 52 tonight with a few clouds. tomorrow nice saturday early on 78 sunshine a little warmer than today. tomorrow night 62 with clouds on the i
Sep 9, 2010 12:30am EDT
precipitation in our neck of the woods. few scattered showers up around lake ontario and buffalo. but for us, next weether system will not arrive until toward the end of the weekend. keeping an eye to the ttopics. atlantic satellite. it is busy active season firing up. tropical stormy gore. and winds at 46 miles per hour. gusting to 58. this storm will probably ecome a hurricane. in the next, about, 24 hours. as we go iito -- 36 hours, as we go into friday, saturday. looking at it becoming a category onn and then two storm. and make a slow turn. missing hispaniila and watch it closely to see how this travels and will it affeet the mid-atlantic. closely.Ășe to watch that -ver the next several days. tonight clear skies. temperrtures dropping down to around 60 for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 78 is the high. beautiful day. and then your five-day forecast. shows 75 on friday. 82 on saturday. with sunshine. and next chance for rain possibly sunday with a >> definitely would like to apologize to the seaside cops. >> jersey shore star snook key in ccurt today. who the judge said she is acting l
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
to a weather disturbance in canada. a few showers coming off of lake ontario. to our south in north carolina, a few clouds over the water. that is about it. we have sunshine here this morning. we have some clouds on occasion yesterday. i do not think we both see as many today. it has drifted further to the northeast. we will be further away from that. let's take a look outside right now. there is the sunshine with blue skies. 67 at the airport and the inner harbor at 69. the low temperature this morning was 53. 45% humidity so that number is dropping off. the barometer is rising now that the cool front and hurricane earl have moved further away. west winds at 10 miles per hour. any breeze today will be out of the west and northwest. it will not be as gusting as it was yesterday. let's take a look at the current temperatures. instead of seeing all kinds of different colors, we see greens which are the upper 60's near 70 degrees. in see green and changing to blew and blew which are the low 60's near the 50's. there is some cool air out there especially in the mountains. this is the cruelest we
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
coming off lake ontario in new york state. and this rain, remnants of hermine, with a tropical storm, produced a lot of rain, texas from the plains states, and now that moisture is moving into the mississippi and ohio river valleys, tennessee river valley, and eventually it will move to the east. i think most of that will pass to our south. we have a cool front coming into the dakotas. that's going to be the real weather maker by the end of the weekend. but until we get to that point, i mean, if nothing's going on, let's take a look at what happened yesterday. 79, the high at the airport. inner harbor, 78. 80 is a typical high. yesterday, 50's and 60's. and we expect today's high will be at this point maybe just a little bit shy of that, not bad, really. a few scattered clouds out there this morning, up see the last couple of hours of satellite imagery showing a few clouds passing overhead. temperaturewise, 64, annapolis. 65, easton. salisbury, 52. on the board, it's 56. westminster, 57. in the 40's out in far western maryland right now. we take a look at the satellite imagery, and t
FOX News
Sep 11, 2010 7:00pm EDT
this morning in the town of seselina, new york, just outside syracuse, not far from lake ontario. officials say the bus t was headed to toronto with about 27 people on board. when it slammed in the bridge and flipped over. we're told the bus was too big to fit underneath. spokesman says the driver was not traveling on the designated route. it's unclear why. the spokesman says 17 passengers have been released from hospitals. first we were told iran would free of the three detained american hikers today. but not so much. now it appears it willorot happen. story behind thede sudden change coming up. our soldiers are now at war infghanistan because of the assault on america nine years ago. we talk with a man thatnce lived down the street from osama bin laden act america's continuing quest for justice. anothe luive look at the tribute in lights, rising high in the sky over downtown new york city. on a perfectly beautiful early fall night. this is the "fox report." we're glad you're in. >> to this day, they remind us not just but how they gave their lives but how they lived their lives. being a hero
Sep 5, 2010 5:00am EDT
spot here in the baltimore area. you really have to look for it. showers coming off lake ontario, that's from a little disturbance moving through canada. down in the gulf of mexico the air is more humid down there, and sthr a weather disturbance producing rain. and there is a front jal system, a new storm out in montmopt and the dakotas generating some rain. that will come through about the middle of the week much it is doubtful it will make rain here. it will have an affect on our temperatures and we'll detail that coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast. >> craig's list makes a big change following criticism from states generals including maryland's. a black box with the word censored. craig's list has been accused of promoting prostitution through the web site. >> craig's list either cannot or will not effectively screen out the ads. so craig's list did the right thing as a result of our jawboning and talking to them. i think it can be a model to other sites that may encourage prostitution ads. >> it is unclear if this is a permanent change. the link is active for users outsi
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am EDT
pulling away from new england. a few showers along lake ontario and in new york and pennsylvania . we'll have a cool front moving off shore. current temperature outside with sunshine at the airport. 65 degrees. humidity is down. the barometer is down but rising. west wind at 6. it could get gustier later on today. mostly sunny and breezey. 10 to 20 later on this morning. this afternoon, small craft advisories on the bay. 77 to 82 for the high during the day today. here's the ocean city forecast. lots of sun all weekend long. 85 today. rip current risk is high today for dangerous surf. the surf temperatures about 72 or 73 degrees. the rest of the weekend, high temperatures with sunshine around 80. >> john, thank you for joining us. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. >>> we're back on this saturday morning. it is labor day weekend. the unofficial end of summer. thanks to everyone out on the plaza. back inside studio 1a -- >> final weekend of summer. >> isn't it feel like we were just saying it eat unofficial start of sum sner. >> i do. >> coming up, the healing power of a mother's
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
. all of this coming from canadian high pressure nosing down from the great lakes region and coming down out of ontario. that will be with us today and tomorrow with more dry weather and sunshine into the 70s today and tomorrow. saturday afternoon and evening we cloud up and after saturday night. drying out just in time for the big game sunday night. how's the traffic now? >> 95 northbound in springfield going to get some growing volume starting in newington heading up to springfield. 123 southbound in virginia, looks as though that crash will block lanes. make sure you use caution if that's the place where you'll be heading. 270 southbound at 109 usually start seeing brake lights but so far looking good. beltway carrying no delays throughout maryland and virginia. i'm eric thomas, back to pat and eun. >>> breaking news right now out of afghanistan. reuteres are reporting that protesters angry over the pastor's plan to burn the koran attacked a base in afghanistan. nbc has not yet confirmed these reports. initially the pastor had called off his plan but now he may go through with the pla
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
and the great lakes probably give us a chance of a shower or shower activities and we need it again thursday night into friday. not looking for a lot of rain, most will pass across michigan, ontario and up to the north and new england. we have a chance. high pressure will build in over the day tomorrow and sunshine all day long, thursday nice day, thursday night, that's when the the clouds come in and the risk of just a couple showers. igor, category four, strong storm heading right as a category three for bermuda by the weekend, i'm sure they will have hurricane watches up and probably they will probably stay in the current track and probably a solid track. it's right in its scope unfortunately for the folks there, it will go through quickly could see quite a bit of damage. julia heading northwest and curving and probably will not impact bermuda that is the little spot there. we have igor and karl not well formed but will cause a lot of rain into mexico probably have some heavy rain there as well. should not impact the united states but it will impact cancun, small craft advisory through 9:
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)